The Turning Review

Hi everyone! I just saw The Turning and it was quite different to say the least. I’m going to do a bit of comparing with the original novel so if you plan on seeing the film soon, I’m going to have a lot of spoilers below.

The Turning, directed by Floria Sigismondi, is about 90 minutes long. It’s based on the original novel The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, published in 1898. The gothic story revolves around a schoolteacher, Kate, who slowly descends into madness. She is hired to be a governess to look over a young girl, Flora and her brother, Miles. He’s is a troubled kid that got sent back from boarding school. Kate feels sympathy for them as soon as she’s appointed the job because their parents are both dead and she knows what it’s like to live without parents. To top everything off, they live in a huge secluded mansion in the forest (Obvious huge red flag but what do I know?)

Side Note: ‘the turn of the screw’ is a phrase that means to make a situation worse.

The movie starts out with the former governess, Jessel, who desperately tries to escape the mansion in terror. As soon as she reaches the gates, she sees someone in her car and things don’t turn out too well for her. Before Kate leaves for her new job, she visits her mom in a mental hospital. We see her mom secluded in an empty pool frantically painting a picture. She doesn’t seem to notice her daughter at all until she mentions that she’s looking after a little girl. Her mom warns her that it’s a big responsibility and gives Kate a colorful, erratic portrait of her self to ‘keep warm’ and goes back into psychosis and works on other charcoal paintings. Eventually, we learn that Kate’s mom’s pictures foreshadow her fate.

When Kate reaches the mansion, everything around her was gray and green. I kind of got the impression of Little Riding Hood when she stuck out of her surroundings with her red coat. She meets the family’s lifelong caretaker, Mrs Grose, who immediately disapproves of Kate. Mrs Grose is very protective of the children and even gets offended when Kate tells them to clean up after themselves. She sees the children as though they can never do wrong, despite their misconduct around the Governess. Throughout the movie, it’s obvious she knows a lot more than she lets on.

Flora starts out as a sweet, playful little girl who quickly warms up to Kate. Miles abruptly comes home from boarding school after getting kicked out for kicking this kid’s ass for burning his father’s pictures. Eventually the children (or Kate’s own mind?) drove her to insanity. Miles is shown to be charming, controlling and sadistic. He tries to win over Kate by being polite and when she sees through this, he becomes a little terror demon child. He stomps on a dying fish, kills spiders, speaks for Flora, makes creepy comments to Kate. In the end, even Flora turns into this little brat. She accuses Kate of dropping and breaking her porcelain doll, which makes me question if we imagined the cute personality we saw during the whole film. There’s times where the kids make side comments like constantly asking her about ‘bad dreams’ and knowing things that they shouldn’t (the apple in Kate’s pocket or her hidden tattoo).

Kate starts to frequently see visions of her previous counterpart, Jessel and a man. When she confronts Mrs Grove, we learn that his name is Quint, who was a ‘brute’ and a bad influence on Miles. A lot of Mile’s awkward, pervy behavior seems to mirror Mrs Grove’s description of Quint. Quint died from falling off his horse drunk and Miles seems to have an obsession with them. I don’t want to discredit Finn Wolfhard branching out, but it was kind of awkward imagining Mike Wheeler describing a tattoo as ‘sexy’.

My interpretation of everything that was going on was that due to her Kate’s mental history, being secluded in the house and reading Jessel’s diary, everything was adding up to her breakdown. The broken dolls scattered around the house alluded to her fragile mindset and the false perception that she has regarding her surroundings. Even through Mrs Groves was cold, she could see her mental state and warned her about the ‘inevitable’.

The ending did well with portraying how the original literature left on a very ambiguous note. I feel as though mainstream audiences might not enjoy the film as much due to the open, abrupt ending. I respect the beauty of how did not spoon feed us the whole plot, instead Sigismondi did justice to James’ story by having us use our fears to fill in the gaps. The point of both stories was to have the audience see everything through Kate’s perspective and question everything that happened. I thought the abrupt ending with seeing her ‘mother’ may have been grandmother. That, to me, is the only thing that could have possibly made sense because of her creepy cameo in the beginning. Again though, this was kind of a WTF plot hole because she was just randomly thrown in there.

Some of the bigger differences between the novel and film was that in James’ adaption, the Fairchild’s father WAS alive, but he didn’t want anything to do with the children. The ending was also very different. In the novel, Flora is sent away by Mrs Grove’s and Miles mysteriously dies in Kate’s arms while she tries to confirm that he can see Quint’s ghost too. We don’t know if he perished from being suffocated by Kate or if it was from the shock of seeing Quint. Either way, the point of the story is to have us create our own ending.

In this movies defense, ghost stories back in the day were A LOT more subtle than what we’re used to seeing now. I enjoyed this jigsaw puzzle of a movie, although there were way too many plot holes that did not make sense. In the end, I would rate this a 7 out of 10 monster rating. The scenery of the mansion and its surrounds were beautiful. The fog and twisted trees alluded to Kate’s mindset and it gave a very sad ambiance. The film did a great job by keeping the story very close to the original. The ghosts were kind of (really) cheesy and reminded me of the ghosts in Crimson Peak. Also, I don’t know if you guys played the video game Hellbade: Sensua’s Sacrifice, but that’s kind of the feel I got. Just go in with an open mind. Again, this movie is a slow burn and the ghostly horror elements were very subtle. If you saw it, let me know what you thought about it 👻

The Grudge Review

Hello! Sorry it’s been awhile. I hope everyone had a great holiday! I had finals and got sick right after so things have been a little hectic. On the brighter side, I’m going to Texas this week to work on some stuff with my friend Steve so I’m SUPER stoked to post everything once it’s done! My schedule is going to be a lot more consistent so I’m excited that I’ll actually be able to write on here more often. Anyway, enough about that.

I saw The Grudge remake on Friday and I’ve been pretty excited because Sam Raimi is one of the producers and I’m obsessed with the Evil Dead. This version was directed by Nicolas Pesce, who also wrote and directed The Eyes of My Mother, which was pretty fucked up so I thought this remake may be promising. I am not going to compare this to the 2004 version of The Grudge or Ju-On because I don’t think that would really be fair to this director’s perspective. Also, it’s been so long that I’ve seen the original so I forget a lot of the details and I’m too lazy to rewatch it.If you have not seen it yet, please stop reading because I’m going to be talking about everything that happened so here we go..

I was talking to my friend Steve about this movie because we were both on our way to see it and he joked that it’s the remake no one asked for but I’m a sucker for these movies so I’m obviously going to see it first thing. The film opens with the classic quote “When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse gathers in that place of death.” The first character we see is Fiona Landers, who is frantically leaving a house she was watching (?) in Japan because things were getting weird and comes back home to her family in Pennsylvania. For a second, it’s a cute reunion but then she looks past her husband like she’s seen something terrible. Then we flash forward to a single mother named Detective Muldoon and her young son. Her husband passed away from cancer a few months prior and they moved for a fresh start. Her son tells her he’s scared and she tells him “nothing bad is going to happen to me”. STRIKE ONE WE KNOW THAT’S A LIE. Then we meet her new work partner, Detective Goodman, who carries around a lot of religious prayer books for protection. They go to a site and see a decomposing woman in a car wreck. In my mind, I’m like how can someone not be found for that long but okay. Mudoon overhears something about the Lander’s case from other officers and Goodman tells her to leave it alone but OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t or else there wouldn’t be a movie.

We jump through different time periods and families. Curiosity killed the cat, so Muldoon goes to the creepy Rayburn house everyone told her to leave alone. She hears a crying woman and we see that it’s Mrs. Matheson AKA Lin Shaye from The Conjuring series (yes, I fangirled because she is fucking amazing). She asks Muldoon to feed her and starts screaming to not leave her. As Muldoon tries to GTFO, she sees someone decomposed with maggots in the living room. We also time jump to the Matheson’s realtors, Nina and Peter Spencer, who are expecting a child that may be born with a disability. (How does this tie into everything you ask? Answer: It absolutely does not.)

Muldoon learns that the Lander’s family were brutally murdered by Mrs. Landers, who also killed herself. She has a daughter, Melinda, who creepily messes with Mr. Spencer, who is easily taken advantage of because he’s a nice guy and he obviously loves kids.

It kind of bothered me that Melinda was basically a photocopied version of Samara from The Ring. It would have been creepy had we not been overly exposed to it 18 years ago. Nevertheless, it was still fun to watch her terrorize Mr Spencer.

We learn about Mr and Mrs Matheson, who are an adorable old couple and Mr Matheson clearly loves his wife. He hires Dr. Lorna Moody, to assist her with passing on. The Mrs is obviously mentally unstable so Moody offers to help around the house for a few days. She is the only one in her right mind during the whole movie. When she confronts Mr Matheson about the ghosts in the house, he admits that he is aware and gives a heartfelt speech about the place giving him hope about the other side and the walls between our world and the supernatural coming together. She noped the hell out of there anyway, which was pretty funny. I guess being in love can make you do stupid things but wanting to chill with demons is NOT the way to go, sir. This man is fully aware of everything and he’s still chillin’ with everything, like stop it.

Then we time warp back to Muldoon doing some more digging into what happened with the families and she gets some spooky visits. She meets Goodman’s ex partner in a psych ward and warns her that things are only going to get worse. OBVIOUSLY IT’S TOO LATE AT THIS POINT.

In all honesty, the movie had some decent, predictable jump scares. I felt like the storylines was a bit pointless and we could have done without it. My monster review would be 5/10. It’s a decent rent at home movie but I wish that with the creative minds behind the film, that they would have fabricated something a little more fresh. The jump scares and CGI baddies were a little cheesy and the story had been overdone in the past. The story was all over the place and the ending seemed very flat. The best part of this movie to me was all the previews of new horror movies that are coming out..

Dr Sleep

Hello! I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. School has been crazy so I’m hoping to have more time to work on stuif here. Anywho, I saw Dr. Sleep last night and it was pretty great. Before I get into the review, stop reading because there’s going to be a A LOT of SPOILERS!

Dr Sleep is Stephen King’s sequel novel to The Shining that came out in 2013. I’m the type of person that believes books are usually always better than the movie so I’ll try to be as objective as possible. The book is over 500 pages so I thought the film adaption was pretty damn good (unlike how Harry Potter got fucking slaughtered, but we can save that conversation for another day).

Dr Sleep was directed by Mike Flanagan and Ewan McGregor plays the grown up Danny Torrance. The film picks up about 6 months where The Shining left off. The actors that play little Danny and Wendy do a good job looking very similar to their OG counterparts, although new Wendy isn’t nearly as erratic as Shelley Duvall’s portrayal (as we know, Kubrick put the poor lady through hell and back). Little Danny is obviously traumatized from the events at the Overlook hotel and has briefly become mute, but with the help of Dick (the chef from Overlook, who has the same ‘shine’ ability) he’s able to create lock boxes in his mind to lock up the baddies that followed him home from the hotel. Mrs. Massey (the creepy woman from room 237 that I’m pretty sure ruined every kid’s life), makes a few cameos that were honestly more funny than anything. Little Danny sees her and uses his knew trick to lock her up in his little mental box like a boss and goes back to his mom to watch cartoons.

The story revolves mostly about a group called the True Knot Group, led by Rose the Hat, who feeds on children’s ‘shine’ and by torturing them to death for the purest steam. There’s a little girl named Abra, who is the most powerful that they’ve seen and plan to hunt her down anod keep her for a limitless supply. She’s able to see into the Knot’s victims abd feel their pain.

Danny, 40 years later, grows up to be a complete mess and an alcoholic just like his dad. He meets with a nice guy named Billy Freeman, who gets him back on his feet with a place and into an AA support group. He gets a job with ahospice center and is able to comfort dying patients and gets the name ‘Dr Sleep’. 8 years later, he celebrates 8 years of sobriety and dedicates his accomplishment to dad.

The first half of the story is kind of slow, it’s mostly focused on the the Knot hunting victims and Abra trying to communicate with Danny. The second haof gets interesting because we get to go back to Overlook and visit the past demons that have been torturing Danny his whole life. The biggest thing I felt, which would have been hard, was that the hotel did not feel the same as the original. My favorite part was when Danny finally sees Jack, who pretends to be a bartender and tries to coax Danny into a drink. The saddest part about the film is that Jack has completely succumbed to the hotel’s evil. In the book’s version, Danny was able to get better closure with a happier ending but oh well, I suppose. I was a little upset that Nicolson wasn’t able to reprise his role, but it makes sense because the ghosts don’t age..

I didn’t think Dr Sleep was necessarily scary, but it did conclude the story well enough and it seemed as though Flanagan adjusted a lot of the story to be more fluid with Kubrick’s adaption. I wish there was more backstory with how Wendy and Danny re-adjusted to the events after the fact and more about the Knot group, but they did have to cover 500+ pages in 2.5 hours so I’m not one to complain. I’d give the film 7/10, Danny’s struggle was heartbreaking but McGregor was amazing in portraying his progress and it was fun to go back to all the places in Overlook. So that’s my review, I’d love to hear what other people thought of it 😁

Anywho, I’m excited to see a lot of the horror films coming out. The semester is almost ending and I’ll be on here a lot more. I’ll have some projects coming up that I’m excited to work on. Thanks to angone that took the time to read my long review. Until next time! 👻

Marianne Review

Hello Boys and Ghouls!

I apologize for the delay. I’m going to work on posting stuff more regularly on here, life’s been a little bit chaotic.

Anywhom, so Netflix just dropped the French series Marianne a couple days ago and holy shit. There were a lot of good things and some elements that seemed a little overplayed. Before I begin my thoughts, I’m going to have some spoilers in here so please stop reading if you haven’t seen it…







…okay, here we go! I’m going to attempt to be a little vague here that way I don’t spoil too much. Marianne is a French series directed by Samuel Bodin. The story revolves around a famous horror writer, Emma, who happens to be an alcoholic. Unfortunately, Emma announces at her book tour that she is done writing her series in hopes of writing more ‘lovely’ stories. She soon receives a surprise visit from her childhood friend, Caro, that her mother is possessed by Marianne, the witch whom is the inspiration for the books that made her popular. Emma, along with her assistant, go back to her small hometown in Elmer and all Hell breaks loose on the town and everyone she loves.

I’m the kind of freak that watches this kind of stuff on the daily so I didn’t find it traumatizing as I’ve read in other reviews I’ve read online but..everyone’s different. The vibe I got from the series felt very much like a French version of IT. To be honest, I thought that the plot was a wee bit predictable and the different characters were not interesting enough to make the story feel very original.

The way the show was shot was very dark, literally. With trying to read the subtitles and seeing what was going on, it seemed like there was a lot of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ scenes, which was a little frustrating.

I really did not like most of the characters in show. The cast of friends felt off, like, you know they’re supposed to be close but unfortunately the connection didn’t feel genuine. Some of the character story lines seemed a bit rushed, so it was hard to form a connection with a lot of the group members.

Marianne spooky as fuck. Her possession of Caro’s mother is what nightmares are made of (that smile is going to haunt my dreams). If you’re like me, I like watching these shows in the dark and it gave a feeling that you’re not alone and someone might be in the corner staring at you. I liked how she was left to the imagination for the majority of the show, but when we finally get to see her, there’s loss of mystery and her used to be creepiness looks more cheesy. The glowy eyes was very reminiscent of Occulus. Finally seeing Marianne looked like she was character pulled from Sleepy Hollow.

The end of the series was very ambiguous. It seemed like a cheap shot for a cliffhanger conclusion, although there are still a lot of questions left in the air. What is going to happen to Emma’s assistant? Is Marianne going to be reborn as Emma’s baby? Who did Emma make clumsy love to? Is there still more for us to learn about the city at the end of the road? Is Nono and his brother really gone? I loved the folklore with the hex bags and the background of Marianne’s character. I hope that if there’s another season, we can explore things more from her perspective.

I’m a sucker for these shows and will be checking on updates for if/when another season will be coming out and lock myself in for the weekend and immerse myself for another demonic ride.

In my humble opinion, I give 7💀/10

If you guys saw it, I’d love to hear your opinion, leave me some love and let’s talk about it!

Black Summer

So Netflix just premiered Black Summer and I’ve been so excited to watch it. Basically, it’s a zombie apocalypse show about a mother who is on the search to find her daughter among others.


After watching the first episode, the tone was really intense from start to finish. The main thing that went through my head was “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT INNOCENT OLD WOMAN LIKE THAT”. Basically, the world is in anarchy and there doesnt seem to be any heroes. The uninfected is existing to fend for themselves in this suburban town and it’s so good 🙀 Everyone is dying so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a great idea to get attached to any of these characters 🤔

I do enjoy these stories because it has you thinking “what would I do in this situation” or how far would you go to survive? Well, I got my bugout bag ready in my car so I’m hoping it’d be okay. What would you do in this situation?!

Anywho, the boys (Frankenstein and Nimbus) and I will be binge watching this all weekend and we’ll have a better review of this soon!

Welcome to my Horror Blog!

Hi, everyone! Thank you for checking out my blog. This has been a project that I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile and I finally decided to just do it. So basically, I created this page so I can have my own space to write about and share different things related to horror and talk to others as well. There’s a lot that I want to do on here, like write about books, video games, movies and different places that I visit. I also really want to work on making horror photography and different make up projects so those will be in future posts as well!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been obsessed with horror and anything related to it. So if you’re into the macabre or anything spooky, please feel free to follow/comment on my page. This is my first time making a website (Myspace from middle school count?) so I would definitely love to get your feedback! Talk to everyone soon 👻

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