The Grudge Review

Hello! Sorry it’s been awhile. I hope everyone had a great holiday! I had finals and got sick right after so things have been a little hectic. On the brighter side, I’m going to Texas this week to work on some stuff with my friend Steve so I’m SUPER stoked to post everything once it’s done! My schedule is going to be a lot more consistent so I’m excited that I’ll actually be able to write on here more often. Anyway, enough about that.

I saw The Grudge remake on Friday and I’ve been pretty excited because Sam Raimi is one of the producers and I’m obsessed with the Evil Dead. This version was directed by Nicolas Pesce, who also wrote and directed The Eyes of My Mother, which was pretty fucked up so I thought this remake may be promising. I am not going to compare this to the 2004 version of The Grudge or Ju-On because I don’t think that would really be fair to this director’s perspective. Also, it’s been so long that I’ve seen the original so I forget a lot of the details and I’m too lazy to rewatch it.If you have not seen it yet, please stop reading because I’m going to be talking about everything that happened so here we go..

I was talking to my friend Steve about this movie because we were both on our way to see it and he joked that it’s the remake no one asked for but I’m a sucker for these movies so I’m obviously going to see it first thing. The film opens with the classic quote “When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse gathers in that place of death.” The first character we see is Fiona Landers, who is frantically leaving a house she was watching (?) in Japan because things were getting weird and comes back home to her family in Pennsylvania. For a second, it’s a cute reunion but then she looks past her husband like she’s seen something terrible. Then we flash forward to a single mother named Detective Muldoon and her young son. Her husband passed away from cancer a few months prior and they moved for a fresh start. Her son tells her he’s scared and she tells him “nothing bad is going to happen to me”. STRIKE ONE WE KNOW THAT’S A LIE. Then we meet her new work partner, Detective Goodman, who carries around a lot of religious prayer books for protection. They go to a site and see a decomposing woman in a car wreck. In my mind, I’m like how can someone not be found for that long but okay. Mudoon overhears something about the Lander’s case from other officers and Goodman tells her to leave it alone but OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t or else there wouldn’t be a movie.

We jump through different time periods and families. Curiosity killed the cat, so Muldoon goes to the creepy Rayburn house everyone told her to leave alone. She hears a crying woman and we see that it’s Mrs. Matheson AKA Lin Shaye from The Conjuring series (yes, I fangirled because she is fucking amazing). She asks Muldoon to feed her and starts screaming to not leave her. As Muldoon tries to GTFO, she sees someone decomposed with maggots in the living room. We also time jump to the Matheson’s realtors, Nina and Peter Spencer, who are expecting a child that may be born with a disability. (How does this tie into everything you ask? Answer: It absolutely does not.)

Muldoon learns that the Lander’s family were brutally murdered by Mrs. Landers, who also killed herself. She has a daughter, Melinda, who creepily messes with Mr. Spencer, who is easily taken advantage of because he’s a nice guy and he obviously loves kids.

It kind of bothered me that Melinda was basically a photocopied version of Samara from The Ring. It would have been creepy had we not been overly exposed to it 18 years ago. Nevertheless, it was still fun to watch her terrorize Mr Spencer.

We learn about Mr and Mrs Matheson, who are an adorable old couple and Mr Matheson clearly loves his wife. He hires Dr. Lorna Moody, to assist her with passing on. The Mrs is obviously mentally unstable so Moody offers to help around the house for a few days. She is the only one in her right mind during the whole movie. When she confronts Mr Matheson about the ghosts in the house, he admits that he is aware and gives a heartfelt speech about the place giving him hope about the other side and the walls between our world and the supernatural coming together. She noped the hell out of there anyway, which was pretty funny. I guess being in love can make you do stupid things but wanting to chill with demons is NOT the way to go, sir. This man is fully aware of everything and he’s still chillin’ with everything, like stop it.

Then we time warp back to Muldoon doing some more digging into what happened with the families and she gets some spooky visits. She meets Goodman’s ex partner in a psych ward and warns her that things are only going to get worse. OBVIOUSLY IT’S TOO LATE AT THIS POINT.

In all honesty, the movie had some decent, predictable jump scares. I felt like the storylines was a bit pointless and we could have done without it. My monster review would be 5/10. It’s a decent rent at home movie but I wish that with the creative minds behind the film, that they would have fabricated something a little more fresh. The jump scares and CGI baddies were a little cheesy and the story had been overdone in the past. The story was all over the place and the ending seemed very flat. The best part of this movie to me was all the previews of new horror movies that are coming out..

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