Dr Sleep

Hello! I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. School has been crazy so I’m hoping to have more time to work on stuif here. Anywho, I saw Dr. Sleep last night and it was pretty great. Before I get into the review, stop reading because there’s going to be a A LOT of SPOILERS!

Dr Sleep is Stephen King’s sequel novel to The Shining that came out in 2013. I’m the type of person that believes books are usually always better than the movie so I’ll try to be as objective as possible. The book is over 500 pages so I thought the film adaption was pretty damn good (unlike how Harry Potter got fucking slaughtered, but we can save that conversation for another day).

Dr Sleep was directed by Mike Flanagan and Ewan McGregor plays the grown up Danny Torrance. The film picks up about 6 months where The Shining left off. The actors that play little Danny and Wendy do a good job looking very similar to their OG counterparts, although new Wendy isn’t nearly as erratic as Shelley Duvall’s portrayal (as we know, Kubrick put the poor lady through hell and back). Little Danny is obviously traumatized from the events at the Overlook hotel and has briefly become mute, but with the help of Dick (the chef from Overlook, who has the same ‘shine’ ability) he’s able to create lock boxes in his mind to lock up the baddies that followed him home from the hotel. Mrs. Massey (the creepy woman from room 237 that I’m pretty sure ruined every kid’s life), makes a few cameos that were honestly more funny than anything. Little Danny sees her and uses his knew trick to lock her up in his little mental box like a boss and goes back to his mom to watch cartoons.

The story revolves mostly about a group called the True Knot Group, led by Rose the Hat, who feeds on children’s ‘shine’ and by torturing them to death for the purest steam. There’s a little girl named Abra, who is the most powerful that they’ve seen and plan to hunt her down anod keep her for a limitless supply. She’s able to see into the Knot’s victims abd feel their pain.

Danny, 40 years later, grows up to be a complete mess and an alcoholic just like his dad. He meets with a nice guy named Billy Freeman, who gets him back on his feet with a place and into an AA support group. He gets a job with ahospice center and is able to comfort dying patients and gets the name ‘Dr Sleep’. 8 years later, he celebrates 8 years of sobriety and dedicates his accomplishment to dad.

The first half of the story is kind of slow, it’s mostly focused on the the Knot hunting victims and Abra trying to communicate with Danny. The second haof gets interesting because we get to go back to Overlook and visit the past demons that have been torturing Danny his whole life. The biggest thing I felt, which would have been hard, was that the hotel did not feel the same as the original. My favorite part was when Danny finally sees Jack, who pretends to be a bartender and tries to coax Danny into a drink. The saddest part about the film is that Jack has completely succumbed to the hotel’s evil. In the book’s version, Danny was able to get better closure with a happier ending but oh well, I suppose. I was a little upset that Nicolson wasn’t able to reprise his role, but it makes sense because the ghosts don’t age..

I didn’t think Dr Sleep was necessarily scary, but it did conclude the story well enough and it seemed as though Flanagan adjusted a lot of the story to be more fluid with Kubrick’s adaption. I wish there was more backstory with how Wendy and Danny re-adjusted to the events after the fact and more about the Knot group, but they did have to cover 500+ pages in 2.5 hours so I’m not one to complain. I’d give the film 7/10, Danny’s struggle was heartbreaking but McGregor was amazing in portraying his progress and it was fun to go back to all the places in Overlook. So that’s my review, I’d love to hear what other people thought of it 😁

Anywho, I’m excited to see a lot of the horror films coming out. The semester is almost ending and I’ll be on here a lot more. I’ll have some projects coming up that I’m excited to work on. Thanks to angone that took the time to read my long review. Until next time! 👻

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