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Hello Boys and Ghouls!

I apologize for the delay. I’m going to work on posting stuff more regularly on here, life’s been a little bit chaotic.

Anywhom, so Netflix just dropped the French series Marianne a couple days ago and holy shit. There were a lot of good things and some elements that seemed a little overplayed. Before I begin my thoughts, I’m going to have some spoilers in here so please stop reading if you haven’t seen it…







…okay, here we go! I’m going to attempt to be a little vague here that way I don’t spoil too much. Marianne is a French series directed by Samuel Bodin. The story revolves around a famous horror writer, Emma, who happens to be an alcoholic. Unfortunately, Emma announces at her book tour that she is done writing her series in hopes of writing more ‘lovely’ stories. She soon receives a surprise visit from her childhood friend, Caro, that her mother is possessed by Marianne, the witch whom is the inspiration for the books that made her popular. Emma, along with her assistant, go back to her small hometown in Elmer and all Hell breaks loose on the town and everyone she loves.

I’m the kind of freak that watches this kind of stuff on the daily so I didn’t find it traumatizing as I’ve read in other reviews I’ve read online but..everyone’s different. The vibe I got from the series felt very much like a French version of IT. To be honest, I thought that the plot was a wee bit predictable and the different characters were not interesting enough to make the story feel very original.

The way the show was shot was very dark, literally. With trying to read the subtitles and seeing what was going on, it seemed like there was a lot of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ scenes, which was a little frustrating.

I really did not like most of the characters in show. The cast of friends felt off, like, you know they’re supposed to be close but unfortunately the connection didn’t feel genuine. Some of the character story lines seemed a bit rushed, so it was hard to form a connection with a lot of the group members.

Marianne spooky as fuck. Her possession of Caro’s mother is what nightmares are made of (that smile is going to haunt my dreams). If you’re like me, I like watching these shows in the dark and it gave a feeling that you’re not alone and someone might be in the corner staring at you. I liked how she was left to the imagination for the majority of the show, but when we finally get to see her, there’s loss of mystery and her used to be creepiness looks more cheesy. The glowy eyes was very reminiscent of Occulus. Finally seeing Marianne looked like she was character pulled from Sleepy Hollow.

The end of the series was very ambiguous. It seemed like a cheap shot for a cliffhanger conclusion, although there are still a lot of questions left in the air. What is going to happen to Emma’s assistant? Is Marianne going to be reborn as Emma’s baby? Who did Emma make clumsy love to? Is there still more for us to learn about the city at the end of the road? Is Nono and his brother really gone? I loved the folklore with the hex bags and the background of Marianne’s character. I hope that if there’s another season, we can explore things more from her perspective.

I’m a sucker for these shows and will be checking on updates for if/when another season will be coming out and lock myself in for the weekend and immerse myself for another demonic ride.

In my humble opinion, I give 7πŸ’€/10

If you guys saw it, I’d love to hear your opinion, leave me some love and let’s talk about it!

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