Black Summer

So Netflix just premiered Black Summer and I’ve been so excited to watch it. Basically, it’s a zombie apocalypse show about a mother who is on the search to find her daughter among others.


After watching the first episode, the tone was really intense from start to finish. The main thing that went through my head was “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT INNOCENT OLD WOMAN LIKE THAT”. Basically, the world is in anarchy and there doesnt seem to be any heroes. The uninfected is existing to fend for themselves in this suburban town and it’s so good πŸ™€ Everyone is dying so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a great idea to get attached to any of these characters πŸ€”

I do enjoy these stories because it has you thinking “what would I do in this situation” or how far would you go to survive? Well, I got my bugout bag ready in my car so I’m hoping it’d be okay. What would you do in this situation?!

Anywho, the boys (Frankenstein and Nimbus) and I will be binge watching this all weekend and we’ll have a better review of this soon!

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